Bachelor of Urbanism (BSc)

Bachelor of Urbanism (BSc)

Due to immigration of people from village to cities and urban development, urban planning and urban design play a key role in recent decades. Therefore, to confront urban issues, in 4 years undergraduate degree in Urbanism, students will be encouraged to experiment and develop their own ideas in various aspects of the cities with support from academic staff. They will learn how to manage urban design project in its social, political and economic contexts, how to present their ideas to conserve the environment, and how to develop and manage the cities. Following passing the basic modules, from semester 4, the students will offer Urban Studio in each semester.


Depending on their abilities and interest, the graduates of Urbanism can:


-Providing Master plans of cities, villages, campus,….

-Cooperation with architects, geographers, economist, sociologist, ecologist, public, urban planners.

- Teaching in undergraduate degrees or in technical and vocational training organization.

-Working as expert in related organization to urban planning such as Municipally, Cultural Heritage Organization, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development,…

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